Friday, April 30, 2010

Harper May Blog/ CD & Book release

Hey Everyone,

Well April just flew by and here we are in May. Finally after much anticipation my new CD "Stand Together" (Blind Pig Records) and Bobbi Llewellyn's E book "Nasty Motels, A Wombat And a Big Red Van" are now available on our website: We will be doing a special pre CD release offer for all the members of our blog for a limited number of CDs prior to the CD Release date of May 18. I'll even sign the new CD for all pre orders. All pre CD orders help us chart on the national radio charts through out the USA. So we would love to hear from you all. 'Stand Together" features my fabulous dummer Marc Dixon and my amazing bass player Chris Wiley Smith. Guest guitarists are Gregg Leonard, who was heavily featured on "Day By Day" and Chris Du Nord on acoustic. The very talented Kurt Wolak plays grand piano, wurlitzer and hammond organ. The new CD was recorded at our favorite recording studio" Big Sky Recordings" in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We are very happy with the way it turned out. There is alot of harp and didgeridoo. Fans of my plastic slide didgeridoo nick named "scum bag" will be happy to know that he makes his debut performance on "Stand Together"

For those who are curious about what life is like out on the road, check out Bobbi's E Book "Nasty Motels, a Wombat and a Big Red Van" on our website. Its a hilarious and insightful commentary about our life on the road from the early days in Australia to the US and beyond. These real life situations are hilarious, terrifying, inspiring and at times bizarre. It's a wild ride and not for the faint of heart. For fans of our blogs- the E book will take you to a whole other dimension. We also have a new Harper shirt available to coincide with the release of the new CD and book.

During April we had a pretty relaxing month after a full on March tour. No major dramas to report this time, which is unusual for us. Our shows at the Livery in Benton Harbor and Rubes Bar & Grill in Flint, Michigan were a lot of fun. Bobbi and I donated a didgeridoo presentation to the kids at the Detroit Merit Academy in down town Detroit. It was pretty scary driving through all the burnt out, barely standing buildings of inner city Detroit. You actually forget just how impoverished this area is. Its very sad to see. And then we came upon the Detroit Merit Academy- a small oasis in the midst of all this devastation. The teachers at this Charter school were absolutely superb and the children were an inspiration. Everyone really appreciated our presentation on the didgeridoo and Australian indigenous culture.

We ended the month with a wild weekend at the Pee Dee Blues Bash & International Festival in Florence, South Carolina. We had alot of fun and met many great new friends. Those folks in Florence are a crazy bunch. We hope to head back in November for the Pecan Festival. We were happy to miss all the tornadoes that rolled in to town just a few hours after we left for our long ass drive back to Michigan. For all you Michigandas, we have a last minute booking at a great new music room called The Savoy in downtown Ypsilanti, Michigan. We will be performing a double bill with the very popular Rootstand.

Hope to see you out on the road this Spring and summer,


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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Harper Late April Blog

Hey Everyone,

Just a quicky!!!!. We have a last minute show added for Saturday May 1 at a great new music room called "The Savoy" in Ypsilanti, Michigan, 8pm- a double bill with the happening "Rootstand". So please come on down. Also we have a new Release date for new CD "Stand Together" for Tuesday May 18. We will be offering pre orders for the new CD at the end of next week on our website: There will be a limited number of preorder CDs and they will be signed. So stay tuned for our blog which will come out next week.

Hope to see you out on the road this Spring,


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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Harper April Blog

Happy April Fool's Day Everyone,

The big news is that my new CD "Stand Together" (Blind Pig) and Bobbi's book "Nasty Motels, A Wombat And a Big Red Van" are due to be released on May 11. Not too long to go now!!!

My band "Midwest Kind" and I have just returned from a month long tour to Missouri, Iowa, Colorado, Utah, California, Washington and Vancouver, Canada and what a wild ride it was. I performed two didgeridoo presentations with the band to well over 1000 kids in Fort Dodge, Iowa preceded by a fabulous show at Byrons in Pomeroy, Iowa complete with Jerry Garcia paraphernalia. Much to our Drummer Marc's delight.

Mostly we had great weather except for the blizzard like conditions on the way to The Stage Door in Mount Shasta, California. The highway was actually closed down, just after we made it through. Our shows at The Torch Club and Half Moon Bay Brewing Company were well attended and alot of fun. As was, The Yale Hotel in Vancouver, Canada- with no problems crossing the border. Our Washington shows at The Upstage, Highway 99, The Spar and Anacortes Rockfish were all alot of fun.

We had two shows scheduled for the legendary Little Bear Saloon in Evergreen. I drove our Sprinter van from Groovacious in Cedar City, Utah to Evergreen, Colorado. It was a brilliant drive, the amazing rock formations of Utah are really something to see. When we set off from Cedar City, we had just over half a tank of gas. Both Bobbi and I thought it would be enough to get us to the next gas station once we had driven through the mountains. Wrong! When we rolled into Gas station in Green River, we had one eighth of tank of fuel left- woah- that was close! We arrived at The Little Bear around 9pm the day before our shows. Our band was staying in The Little Bear’s band house, while Bobbi and I booked a room at The Brook Forest Inn about five miles away. We were both famished once we arrived at the Inn and checked into our rather pokey but comfortable room, after puffing our way up three flights of stairs. We headed down stairs to the bar and asked the barman Rod if we could order some food. He told us that the kitchen had closed for the evening, but he would try to get us some bread to eat. Within minutes a huge platter of ham and cheese sandwiches were brought to us and we weren’t even charged for them. We were so appreciative. The next day, one of the cleaners suggested that we change rooms, so that we could use the wireless internet on the second floor. I was told I could pick whichever room I liked. So I choose a beautiful room called “The Chateau” with a huge wooden king bed, with a purple lace canopy, antique lamps and a large hot tub. I couldn’t believe our good fortune. That night we arrived at The Little Bear for our Friday night show. Drew our guitarist, told us that Chris, our bass player had a dizzy spell on the outside wooden veranda of The Little Bear, the night before. Chris had passed out and badly cut his ear. When I saw Chris I could see that his left ear was very swollen and a deep shade of purple. He told me that his fall had caused him to lose his short term memory for a while, but gradually the memories began to come back to him. Drew had wanted to take him to the hospital, but Chris had begged him to wait. Thankfully he recovered.

On Saturday morning, at the Brook Forest Inn, Bobbi and I were treated to breakfast in bed. I just could not believe the hospitality of the folk at the Brook Forest. We never asked for a thing and yet they kept doing nice things for us. That evening Harper and the guys had a lively show at The Bear. After the show, we hung out with some of the Bear staff for a few drinks and a chat. I guess the guys in the band were all a little toasted, but nothing over the top. The problem with drinking alcohol in high altitudes is that you become drunker a lot quicker, so you really need to pace yourself and drink lots of water. Bobbi and I left the club early to drive back to the Inn. Apparently The Forest Brook Inn, which was built in 1913, is considered to be haunted. When I opened the front door of the Inn around about 2.30am, we startled an unusual group of five very well dressed people in the lounge room, who didn’t say a word when I greeted them. They just stared at us. It was weird! At first I thought they maybe ghosts, until Bobbi pointed out that the attractive black woman with long dreads had a laptop computer in her hands. Bobbi thought that they were paranormal investigators. When I made some inquiries the next morning, Bobbi was proved correct.

The next day when we met up with the band, only Chris our bass player was at the band house. Chris explained what had befallen Drew our guitarist and Marc our drummer. Drew had walked into the kitchen of the band house to make some popcorn shortly after leaving the Little Bear the night before. Marc heard an almighty crash, and ran into the kitchen to find Drew unconscious on the floor with a thin stream of bile seeping out of his mouth. He tried desperately to revive him, he even splashed some water on Drew’s face, but nothing seemed to work. Drew was breathing but was out for the count. We had no cell phone service at the Brook Forest Inn. So Marc did the only thing he could do and dialled 911 for an ambulance. Marc placed Drew on his side and waited for the ambulance to arrive. The paramedics told Marc he did the right thing once they had examined Drew. After working on Drew for a few minutes, the two paramedics were able to revive him. Drew was held for observation at the St Anthony Central Hospital in Denver until Sunday morning. It was a combination of high altitude and booze which caused him to pass out. I honestly believe that Marc saved Drew’s life that night. Like a trooper Drew insisted on performing at our Sunday show at Jake's Roadhouse in Arvada. Sitting on a stool, because it was too difficult for him to stand, Drew shakily played his guitar. What a way to end the last day of our tour!

Hope to see you out on the road this Spring,


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