Friday, March 20, 2015

Harper and Midwest Kind March, 2015 Blog- Stolen Guitars Returned!!!!

Hey Everyone,

Yay Spring is finally here in the USA!  We have some amazing news!!!!.  The two stolen guitars of Mike Howe and James Norris have been recovered and shipped home to the guys as good as new.  James found the two guitars with serial numbers listed up on Ebay last week.  Bobbi our intrepid manager called the Mount Pleasant Police in South Carolina to let them know.  She was told that EBay are very difficult to deal with when it comes to stolen items being listed.  So Bobbi and Detective Fey put together a ruse to find out exactly who was selling the guitars and the exact address.  So Bobbi pretended to be a guy named "Pete" and contacted the seller on Ebay asking if she could come and look at the Les Paul  and was willing to pay $2000 cash.  The seller immediately replied.  As it turned out the guitars were at a Pawn Shop in Charleston, South Carolina.  So Bobbi set up a sting with Detective Fey at 3pm last Monday.  The Pawn Shop seller was arrested as was the guy who pawned the guitars.  Woohooo!!!  A huge thank you to The Mount Pleasant Police and Detective Fey!  So happy for Mike and James

The next big of amazing news is that I have been nominated for two 2015 Detroit Music Awards-  Best World Music Songwriter and Instrumentalist.    The final bit of great news is that Harper and Midwest will be appearing on PBS Television on Friday March 20th at 11pm Eastern  USA as part of WKAR Backstage Pass.  For those of you who would like to see the concert now here is the link to the concert on line

Lots of touring coming up here in the USA. A big sorry to our New England fans we had a change of routing in May due to an offer to headline the Rowan Jazz & Blues Festival in North Carolina. We will get back your way, promise!!    Good news for Aussies- We will be touring Australia in late October/ November, working on dates as we speak!

Hope to see you all out on the road this Spring!

Thanks and Peace,

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