Friday, June 17, 2011

Harper & Midwest Kind July Blog

Hey Everyone,

Summer has arrived! We are looking forward to all the festivals that we will be performing at this summer. To finish up our tour to Massachusetts and Maine we visited our favorite Timeout Pub in Rockland, where the peeps know how to party. We also hit House of Buds in Hyannis. After the show as we were driving to York Beach Maine, we were nearly hit by a drunken driver swerving all over the highway. Bobbi was driving and she hit the horn loudly to stop the drunk from hitting the van. Now the drunk took offense to the horn blast, so then decided to pull behind us and tailgate us for a few miles with his high beams on. What a nice guy!!!! Where are the cops when you need them! Thankfully the drunk eventually turned off the highway. We arrived safely in in York Beach, Maine where we were welcomed by sunny skies and smiling faces.

After being out on tour for five weeks performing in North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts and Maine and gigging just about every day, we finally headed back to Michigan. We had an easy drive home, but once we arrived in Grass Lake, we were greeted by three foot high grass. OMG- we've never seen the grass so high. So for the next week or so, mowing the grass was a main priority.

While back in Michigan we performed at our favorite Flint bar- Scooters. We also had an outdoor concert at Rogue River in Rockford which had a great turn out. We had some major problems with the sound system cutting in and out, but the folks remained calm. We found to the horror of Marc our drummer, that a couple of friendly wood ticks had decided to take a ride home with us after the show. Our shows at Lakeview Lodge and Treasure Lake Ski Lodge in Pennsylvania were canceled the following week, through no fault of our own. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We visited the fabulous Fat Fish Pub in Galesburg, Illinois, which was an amazing show. BB's in St Louis was also a fun time. As we drove west from St Louis we were greeted with dark ominous clouds. The sky became so dark that it looked like it was night time not 1pm in the afternoon. There was an eerie green tinge to the sky, which really alarmed us. We hoped there would be no tornadoes in the area, especially after what had happened to Joplin, Missouri only a short while ago. Thankfully it was only heavy rain which soon turned into sunshine. We look forward to some great festivals coming up: the Parkville River Jam, Missouri, Mixer On the Mall, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Bluerige Big Sky Farm, Moravian Falls, North Carolina, The Ottawa Blues Festival, The London Blues Festival and the Kitchener Blues Festival, Canada plus many more. We plan to record a new Live CD on Sunday June 26 at Blueridge Big Sky Music Farm in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. We hope loads of NC fans will come out to the show to yell and scream on this new recording.

We hope to see you out on the road this Summer,

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