Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Harper and Midwest Kind May Blog

Hey Everyone,

Just back from the West Coast of the US, landing back in Michigan for a couple of weeks. We are asking you all for a big favor. We need you all to vote for Harper & Midwest Kind for the Mixer on the Mall concert series in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Just go to this link and tick Harper & Midwest Kind and vote at the bottom of the page . Its quick and simple and the voting ends on Saturday April 23. We really need your help!!! Here is the link:

Well our tour to the West coast was pretty wild. After our very frightening drive through the Colorado mountains it was nice to hang out in Salt Lake City for a few days. Our shows at The Sun and Moon Cafe and The Wine Cellar in Ogden, Utah were alot of fun. We had one night in Reno, Nevada as a stop over to California. Thankfully we didn't lose too much money. We hung out with our dear friends Mary Anne and Dave from Syracuse, New York, who were newly relocated to Reno. Our show at The Torch Club in Sacramento was pretty cool as always, then it was on to San Jose for The Poor House Bistro where we got to hang out with some more dear friends Leslie Marple and her crew. Then it was back to Reno for a show at Third Street where Bobbi got to experience the best chocolate cake ever, courtesy of the friendly staff at Third Street. Then it was an amazing scenic drive along a winding Highway 50 though to Cedar City, Utah. Marc, Chris and Matt stayed at the Chicken House, hosted by Joleen and Steve Wise. We call it the chicken house because there is a flock of free range hens who the lay the most delicious eggs you will ever eat. We had a show at Mike's Tavern near by, thanks to good friend Tim from Groovacious Records. One of the cool things when we go out on tour, is that we get to do some touristy stuff along the way. On this trip we went to the phenomenal Zion National Park. Zion truly lived up to its reputation as one of the most beautiful sites here in the USA. We saw water falls cascading from sheer red stone cliffs, an amazing fast flowing river and stunning canyon and rock formations. It was a great day. That night we had a show at Jazzy's Rock n Roll Grill in St George then it was on to Southern California for The Mint and Cafe Boogaloo. Then we headed to The Rhythm Room in Phoenix, Arizona, where Marc was suprised by an unexepected visit from his Mum. Our final show of the tour was Railroad Blues in Alpine, Texas, a very out of the way place near Big Bend National Park. We almost didn't get there because we were held up by the Border Police near El Paso who threatened Bobbi with Jail and fines for not having her green card on her. Little did we know, her passport and green card were safely packed away in her brief case just below the passenger seat of the van. Well no harm was done! At Railroad Blues, we could smell thick smoke in the air. We knew there were wild fires close by, but it was only the next day that we realized just how close the fires came to the town of Alpine. Thank God for the brave fire fighters who managed to put the fire out before too much damage was done.

We made it home safely to Michigan. Last Friday we were inspired by 400 didgeridoo playing children from the Davisburg Elementary School, where my band and I presented a didgeridoo workshop. It was an amazing day and much fun was had by all. We performed at a new club for us in Ann Arbor at The Holiday Inn, called Guy Hollerins and on Sunday we visited our favorite Flint Club- Scooters. We are about to head out on tour again for five weeks where we will be heading to North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Maine and Massachusetts

Hope to see you out on the road this Spring,

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Harper and Midwest Kind April Blog Part 2

Hey Everyone,

Just a quicky! Please help us out by voting For Harper and Midwest Kind for the Mixer On the Mall Concert Series in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Here is the link.

Hope to see you out on the road this Spring,

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