Saturday, December 28, 2013

Harper and Midwest Kind December Blog 2013

Hey Everyone,

December is here and its ccccold in Michigan, USA.  Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Winter/ Summer Solstice .  Happy Holidays- Peace, prosperity, unity and joy to all. Its been an amazing year.  We've traveled all over the USA and Canada, seen some amazing scenery and been fortunate to have had many incredible experiences along the way.  Life on the road is certainly never dull!!!   During this year we drove through and performed in amongst the incredible red woods of Northern California which were covered in thick  white smoke from the wild fires in the Fresno. We  experienced a blizzard in Fargo, North Dakota and were snowed in for a few days earlier in the year and had to make the mammoth drive from Fargo to Key Largo, Florida in 2 and a half days!!!   We all lost money in Reno, Nevada LOL but it was fun!!! . In northern Michigan we saw black bears, wolves, turkey vultures and bald eagles.  In New Brunswick, Canada we saw some amazing countryside, got to speak a little French in Quebec but no Moose to be seen, despite the many traffic sign warnings.   We had a very successful Kickstarter program and Motor City Josh and I released our first acoustic CD "Bare Bones" together and had a very successful 18 show / 19 day tour.  I got to jam with Walter Trout, Anthony Gomes, Sab and the Family Band, Scott Holt plus many more.  Bobbi and I also took our "Australian Didge-ucation" presentation nationwide.  We performed over 200 shows this year and covered nearly 70 000 miles.  One of the main highlights of the year was performing to our special needs Kids at The Buckingham Exceptional Student Center in Fort Myers, Florida.  Such a beautiful experience to see and feel the joy of these wonderful children.  It is such a privilege to have the opportunity to do this.  Also a special mention to my good buddy Justin Brown who presented me with a musicianship award in late October in Indiana.  Thanks Brother!!!

The tour with Motor City Josh was an absolute blessing.  Apart from being an amazing guitarist, he is also a great guy and has become a good friend.  The shows were so much fun everywhere we played.  There will definitely be another tour later in 2014, cause lets face it - we just had the best time working together.   A big thank you to my band "Midwest Kind".  We will be performing our last show for the year at The Avenue Cafe in Lansing, Michigan on Sunday December 29th.  So come on down Michigandas!!!

Due to immense pressure from our New England fans, we have put together a tour to Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine for the last week of April, 2014.  So  New Englanders, please spread the word for us, because if it works out well, we will make this trip more often.

Thank you for the incredible support through out the year. Hope to see you out  on the road this winter!!!  May 2014 be the best year yet!!!!

Thanks and Peace,

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