Monday, March 28, 2016

Harper and Midwest Kind March 2016 Blog

Hey Everyone,

Happy Easter! Just back from a tour down South and getting ready to head out again this week.Very happy to say that the new CD "Show Your Love" is now available for pre release on the newly revamped Harper and Midwest Kind website: Downloads are also available on CD baby, iTunes, Rhapsody and more:

So happy with this CD. It was created by the love of our fans. I feel it is the best music Ive ever written.I hope you all enjoy the new tunes. Official Release date is March 31st!

 February saw us in the snows of winter. After our amazing sold out show at Violets in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, we headed back to Michigan. About 30 minutes from the US Border, we made a stop at a Gas Station, then we headed to the Tunnel at Windsor. I had to change some Canadian Cash into US Dollars at the Currency Exchange. When I got back in the van, we all noticed that our drummer Mario Copeland was no where to be seen. Then the horrible realization hit us- we had left Mario behind at that gas station! I then had to talk the Canadian Border guard into letting me turn the van around so we could back track to that gas station from earlier that day. Mario didn't have a phone on him and we had his passport, so there was no way to contact him. Incredibly we found the Gas Station and we were so happy to see Mario's smiling face as we rolled into the car park. Funnily enough this is the second time this has happened to us, but we will make sure it doesn't happen again!

As we headed south to Georgia, North Carolina and Florida, a huge snow storm hit Michigan, we were happy to leave when we did. We had three weeks of amazing weather and great shows at the Blue Note Grill, NC, Darwins in GA, the Legendary BBC in Tallahassee, FL, The Green Parrot in Key West, Guanabanas in Jupiter, our fav Irish Pub - The Celtic Ray, Punta Gorda, The Little Bar in Goodland, Key Largo's Bayside Grille and Terra Fermata in Stuart. On some off days we hung with some friends in Jupiter - Katie and Everett and Dawn and Scott. We had bon fires every night and I even cooked a massive salmon pie for us all! Our friends Ann Marie and Mackie gave us a delicious feast before the Celtic Ray show!! We had some mighty fine dining in Florida for sure! . We all managed to put on a few extra pounds. It was a big haul North to Michigan, but when we arrived we were greeted by Spring! Hope to see you at our CD release Parties and upcoming tours!

Thanks and Peace, Harper and Midwest Kind (Official Harper Website) CDs/ Shirts/ downloads   Australian Didge-ucation/ harmonica workshops (for live video clips)