Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Harper and Midwest Kind February Blog, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I hope all my northern friends in the USA are staying warm.   We escaped the Polar Vortex for the month of February by heading South to Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. The day we left Michigan the snow was pounding down very hard.  Our bass player James Norris, got his van stuck in a large snow drift that had formed on our driveway to our house.  I have to admit my Michigan home looks more like a snow cave than a house!!!!.  The whole band tried to dig the van out, but to no avail. We eventually gave up and left the van in the snow drift.  As we headed along Interstate highway 94 we were astounded to see so many cars and trucks sliding off the road.  Needless to say it was a white knuckle drive for the first two hours of our journey.  The further south we drove, the better the weather became.  

We arrived safely in Florida for two shows at The amazing Celtic Ray, followed by Aces Lounge and then the legendary Bradfordville Blues Club in the wild woods of Tallahassee.  We had an inspirational show at The Buckingham Exceptional Student Center in Fort Myers on Valentines Day.  I was very honored to announce the Prince and Princess and King and Queen of Valentine. These special needs kids really touch your heart. That night we performed at Englewoods on Dearborn, then it was down to the Keys for the Hurricane Bar.  We had an amazing day at the Dolphin Research Center in Marathon, courtesy of our dear friend Susan Sorenson.  We got to see some Dolphin love making which kind of shocked us but at the same time, gave us all a good laugh.  If ever you are in Marathon, Florida you must check out this place.  Some of the Dolphins are descendants of the Dolphins that played "Flipper" in the much loved Television series.  We saw lots of alligators in the everglades on our way to the Little Bar in Goodland.  Cool place!!  Then it was the venue in the jungle- Guanabanas,  the cool Mangrove Mamas and a double header at the Bayside Grille in Key Largo- all great shows and big crowds.  Our show at Earls Hideaway in Sebastian was beyond HUGE!!!

We start to head north this week with some shows in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.   Our first show back in Michigan is a local favorite for me- Saturday March 8- The Lone Oak Vineyard in my home town of Grass Lake, Michigan.  Its an intimate acoustic concert/ dinner and show deal. Great wine/food and music  Reservations are necessary. Tel: 517 522 8167 (USA)  You will love this cool winery!!!!!

Hope to see you out on the road this winter and spring (yay) (Northern Hemisphere)

Thanks and Peace,

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