Thursday, February 5, 2015

Harper and Midwest Kind February Blog 2015

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the first Blog of the year.  We are heading to the Lancaster Roots and Blues Festival in Pennsylvania as we speak and the sun is shining!!!!.    We've been dealing with alot of snow here in Michigan, I have had close to three feet of snow on the front porch of my house.  In January we had  a few very snowy Michigan gigs. In early January, a huge snow storm was blowing through, yet folks still seemed to make it out to our acoustic show at the Sandhill Crane Wineyard in Jackson,  Mash Bar in Ann Arbor and Scooters in Flint.   The Scooter's show was part of the Greg Nagy Presents Concert Series, so there were a lot of very talented musicians in the audience.  Greg got up for a few tunes, guitarist Will Rideout  also played a few tunes and our drummer Cam Lewis did a great soulful rendition of "The Thrill is Gone".  The drive home from Flint was white knuckle scary, but we made it home- slowly but surely!

The Following week the weather was fabulous, lots of sunshine and clear, dry roads. Our tour to Nebraska and Iowa was alot of fun.  We played a fun double bill with Jim Suhler at the 21st Saloon in Omaha then we headed east to Burlington, Iowa for a show at The Washington.  Owner:  David Hazel has done wonders with this amazing listening room.  Midwest Kind and I had a great show at The Washington and definitely plan to return in the Fall.   Next up was The Cherokee Jazz & Blues Festival in Cherokee, Iowa.   This was a multiple venue event, we had the pleasure of performing at a very new and happening club called "Loft 101".   We had a packed house of intense music fans, unfortunately we were having some major sound issues, so we cut our set short and sent in Mike Howe our amazing guitarist/ sound engineer to sort things out.   After a bit of rewiring and adjustment of graphics, we were good to go!.  We did a long set and the place was jumping.  We loved playing at Loft 101 so much that we will be doing a repeat performance - back by popular demand on Saturday April 11th.   So please spread the word!  The next day was a full house at the Legendary Byron's Bar in Pomeroy, Iowa.   You all need to put "Byron's on your bucket list because this bar is truly a unique experience that can't be explained!

The next week we did a TV spot on Fox 4 Morning Show in Kansas City.  We had a blast at the TV station and even got to meet the dancer- Amy of "So You Think You Can Dance".   That evening we played a show at The Trouser Mouse in Blue Springs.  We did a double bill with a fabulous local band called "Blue Plate Special" - a very talented and extremely nice bunch of guys.   Then it was on to one of our fab clubs- the incredible BBS Jazz, Blues & Soups in St Louis.  We ended the month with a new club called Pop's Place in Decatur, Illinois.   We had a full house and received lots of good vibes from all there.   In February we head south (yay) to West Virginia, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. 

Hope to see you out on the road this winter and Spring!

Thanks and Peace,

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