Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Harper and Midwest Kind February Blog

Hey Everyone,

February is here and we are heading south to Alabama, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina where it is nice and warm. I have recently finished mixing and mastering the new CD "Live at The Blues Museum" at my favorite Ann Arbor studio Big Sky Recording with sound engineer- Geoff Michael. Im happy to say we had so many great tracks that it was very difficult to decide which track to use. We narrowed it down to 15 tracks- 75 minutes of music. The CD will be released officially on Tuesday April 10. There will also be a Television presentation due to be aired later in the year. "Live at the Blues Museum" will be my first live CD in ten years- wow time flies. A huge thank you to my band "Midwest Kind"- Chris, Scott and Matt and to Johnny V who recorded the show. Incredible thanks to The Canada South Blues Society for making this show possible.

January was an easy month with a lot of shows in Michigan. We visited the Upper Peninsula - Blackstone's Pizza Company in Iron Mountain and Upfront and Company in Marquette. We had amazing weather with very little snow which is just about unheard of in this part of the world. We had a few scary moments driving back to our beautiful cabin in Cornell provided by the very generous- Steve Pence. There must have been at least 50 deer either crossing the road or about to. One particular deer just stood in the middle of the road with its back to us, totally oblivious to the large Chevy Express waiting for it to move. The GPS decided not to work so we had to work out our route in the dark. Thankfully we arrived at our destination safely.

We took a short trip to Missouri, Kansas and Illinois with shows at Mojo's, BB's, The Trouser Mouse, Uncle Bo's and the amazing Fat Fish Pub. The following week was a huge show at the Kalamazoo State Theatre with Motor City Josh. It was a fantastic double bill with a packed house full of rabid music fans. We had a fun show at Ann Arbor's Guy Hollerins. The last weekend of January saw us performing at the Hamlin Pub where we had some major sound system problems, then The Cabbage Shed in Elbert followed by the amazing Scooters in Flint. The Scooters show turned into a pro jam of sorts. Former drummer Marc Dixon played on a number of tunes, Heather and Donnie Jones, of Jones'n Live, Raphael on bass. Even Paul Wiley Smith got up and sang a few tunes. We had a lot of fun and good vibes were shared by all.

We hope to see you out on the road this Winter and Spring.

Peace and Thanks,

Harper & Midwest Kind

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