Saturday, August 24, 2013

Harper and Midwest Kind August Blog, 2013

Hi Everyone,

My band "Midwest Kind" and I are just back from an amazing tour to Northern California, the UP of Michigan and Wisconsin. We covered thousands of miles and saw some incredible scenery.  This trip is one of my favorites because the drive is just so breath taking.   I always joke that "Im a truck driver that sings". When you do trips like this, it really does feel like "Im a truck driver that sings" LOL!!!!!.  We left on July 31st from Michigan traveling through Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, arriving in California three and half days later.  We had a stop over in Omaha, Nebraska and Park City, Utah.  We arrived late in the evening in Utah.  We had booked rooms at a Ski Lodge up in the mountains which had multiple buildings and absolutely terrible customer service.  The place was beautiful, but do you think we could find our room!!!.  Bobbi and I walked around for over one hour in the dark before we found our room.  The customer service person just hang up on Bobbi when she called to get directions.  Needless to say we were very upset!!!!.  Our show at The Festival of Beers and Bluesapalooza in Mammoth Lakes was amazing!!!.  The mountains were completely covered in thick, white smoke caused by a wild fire in Fresno plus it was truly smokin up on stage as well.  We played to a huge crowd, and had an absolute ball. It was hard to breathe but the festival goers didn't seem to notice!!!.  Ours shows in Sacramento, San Jose and Half Moon Bay were all super cool.  Caught up with our good buddy Leslie Maple and her crew.  Then it was drive, drive, drive to get to the UP of Michigan.  We had a restful stay at good friend Steve Pence's Log Cabin in the mystical woods of Cornell, Michigan.  Plus some great shows at  Michigan's Blackstone Pizza CO, The Grand Marais Music Festival and Waukesha Blues Festival and The Smiling Moose in Wisconsin. Happy to say we made it back to Michigan safe and sound!!

An update on the "Harper and Motor City Josh new "Bare Bones" CD and Tour" Kickstarter Project.    We have 40 wonderful backers who have pledged $2140 towards our goal of $3000 woohoo!!!.   We have some great items/ performances and workshops on offer in return for your pledge.  The Fundraiser ends on Monday September 2 at 1pm EST.  The project only gets funded if we reach the full $3000.  With eight days to go, Josh and I feel confident that we will reach our goal.   For those interested in backing this new project please go to the Kickstarter link below and sign in  to give your pledge.    Check out the video, the new tunes and artwork of the CD,  the blurb about the project and the bio links.

Kickstarter Link:

1.  1 x Harper and Motor City Josh "Bare Bones" Sticker  $5
2.  1 x New 'Bare Bones" CD, signed by the both of us, plus a "Bare Bones Sticker"- $15
3.  1 x  Harper and Motor City Josh "Bare Bones" Tee Shirt plus a  "Bare Bones" Sticker and a signed "Bare Bones" poster-  $25
4.  1 x "New Bare Bones" CD,  signed by Harper/ Motor City Josh plus "Bare Bones" T Shirt , poster and Sticker- $35
5.  1 x "New Bare Bones" CD, signed by Harper/ Motor City Josh plus "Bare Bones" T Shirt , a Sticker and poster plus your name in the credits of the new CD -$45 (only 22 left)
6.  1 x "New Bare Bones" CD, signed by Harper/ Motor City Josh plus a  "Bare Bones" T Shirt, and Sticker, 1 x poster,  all signed plus your name in the credits of the new CD, plus one free harmonica or didgeridoo or guitar lesson in your home (within the midwest -up to 300 mile radius from Detroit, Michigan) -$500 (5)
7.  1 x  Concert by Harper and Motor City Josh  in your home (within the midwest -up to 300 miles radius from Detroit, Michigan), 1 x free harmonica or didgeridoo or guitar lesson , 1 x "New Bare Bones" CD, signed by Harper and Motor City Josh,  1 x Bare Bones" T Shirt, 1 x sticker, 1 x poster, all signed plus your name in the credits of the new CD.  $1000  (5)

A huge thank you to our backers for this project.  In September we are heading to Ontario/ New Brunswick,  Canada and Rockland, Maine plus a few shows in Michigan.  Hope to see you out on the road this Fall!!!

Thanks and Peace,

Harper and Midwest Kind (Official Harper Website) CDs, Downloads and E Book    Australian Didge-ucation (for live video clips)

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