Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hey everyone,

Happy Fall!!!  A few more shows to go before we head to Australia for three weeks!  As you all know I had to cancel the tour last year because of some fractured ribs caused by another driver driving through a red light. But Im all recovered now and the Aussie clubs and festivals were gracious enough to rebook the tour for 2015.

The big news is that we have launched our GO FUND ME" campaign for "Harper and Midwest Kind's new CD"

If this link doesn't work you can cut and past and put it in your browser. That should do the trick:

The main goal is to raise  $10 000 to cover the recording studio, artwork, CD pressing and publicity costs.  So far, in just over one week we have raised $1800 with much more being pledged.  This will be the first studio CD in five years, so its well overdue!  I have written a bunch of new tunes and we've been road testing them since the Summer.  We have the recording studio "Big Sky Recording" in Ann Arbor, Michigan booked for December and  we have even lined up a great publicist.   For those who wish to get involved there are loads of goodies to choose from.  You have several choices: a  pre release signed copy of the new CD and a signed poster or a Tee Shirt or all three.  Maybe a house concert or harp/didgeridoo lesson in your own home as well!  Bobbi and I could also bring "Australian Didge-ucation" to your local school or library.  We certainly intend to give something back for your amazing support. 

Hope to see you all out on the road this Fall!

Thanks and Peace,

Harper and Midwest Kind (Official Harper Website) CDs, Tee Shirts    Australian Didge-ucation (for live video clips)

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