Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Harper and Midwest Kind January Blog 2018

Howdy everyone,

We are nearly into February and the touring has started again thick and fast.  For our Toronto Fans the scheduled show for next Friday has run into a scheduling conflict.  We hope to rebook this date at a later time, very sorry for any inconvenience caused.   Our fundraiser in December at The Dale Fisher Gallery in Grass Lake Michigan for the non profit group:  Friends of Grass Lake Township raised over $5000 which was way beyond expectations and an amazing event to be apart of.

January saw us facing a two week arctic blast but we managed to perform to some great crowds who braved the icey cold weather to come out to see us at our favorite Michigan clubs - "Tip Top Deluxe" and "Trinity House Theatre"and a very new venue - "20 Front Street" in Lake Orion. We made our debut at "World Cafe Live" in Philadelphia and "Kettleworks" in Columbia PA.  "Kettleworks" was a complete sellout - we hope to return later in the year.   At "World Cafe Live" we hung out with our dear friends: Lori and Steve owners of "Camp Jam in the Pines".  We hope to make a return visit to Camp Jam in September.   Just this past weekend we performed in Connecticut at a great new venue "Woodbury Brewing Company"  and returned to an old favorite - "Black Eyed Sallys".

January was also a very frustrating month  - with our heating furnace breaking down during the big freeze and a sewage explosion for the second time in our basement and Bobbi poured a cup of tea over her new Mac Lap Top for the second time as well. When it rains it pours, as they say LOL!!!!.  I am just very thankful for my wonderful friends who came to our rescue and you all know who you are.  Im still working on a new CD and our guitarist Mike Howe has just completed his solo CD.  The festivals are starting to roll in.  We plan to tour to the West Coast next summer, more dates to be announced very soon.  We Hope to see you out on the road this winter and spring!

Peter D. Harper,
Harper and Midwest Kind
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